101 Profitable Micro Niche Blog Ideas for 2022

The biggest ‘blogging mistake‘ I see when people first start blogging is that they try to be everything to everyone. And that’s a recipe for failure because it’s just not possible to be all things to all people.

It’s much better to focus your attention on one specific blogging niche or group of people and become known as THE expert in that area.

You want your blog to have focus. You want it to have a clear purpose. And, most importantly, you want it to make money (that is, if you’re treating your blog like a business).

The quickest way to achieve this is by starting a micro niche blog.

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Keep reading for a list of 101 profitable micro niche blog ideas

When I first started blogging, I was among those who chose an incredibly broad topic to write about. Travel. I wanted to write about all the places I’d been and share my experiences with others. But that’s a massive topic that covers everything from budget travel tips to solo travel to adrenaline filled adventures.

I quickly realised that it wasn’t one of the most profitable blog niches and I was never going to be able to compete with the big players in that space.

So, I decided to niche down and focus on a specific type of travel – chronic illness travel.

Focusing on a specific niche not only allows you to become known as an expert in that field, but it also makes it much easier to monetise your blog because you can target specific products and services to your target audience.

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What is a micro niche blog

When it comes to blogging, it can be tempting to try to cover everything under the sun. However, this approach can often lead to diluted content and a lack of focus. A better option is to choose a micro niche that you can write about in depth.

A micro niche blog is essentially a blog that focuses on a very specific topic.

For example, instead of writing about parenting in general, a micro niche blog might focus on parenting toddlers, or parenting teens.

This narrow focus allows the blogger to become an expert on their chosen topic, and provides readers with laser-focused content that they can’t find answers to anywhere else.

Micro niche sites are often less competitive than broad niche websites, and can be an excellent way to break into the blogging world.

What are the benefits of focusing on micro niche blogging

Micro niche blogging can be a great way to build a following and get yourself established. By focusing on a micro niche, you can provide your readers with valuable information that is relevant to their interests.

In addition, micro niche blogging can help you to connect with other like-minded people and build a community of followers who are passionate about the same things that you are.

And because micro niche blogs tend to be less crowded than general interest blogs, it can be easier to stand out from the crowd and attract new readers.

A micro niche blog can also be a great way to monetise your blog. By targeting a smaller niche, you can sell products and services that are relevant to your audience, and create sponsored content that is aligned with your brand alone.

What makes a micro niche blog more profitable than broad niche ideas

A successful blog is a profitable blog!

There are a number of monetisation methods you can use for your blog, but the most common methods are through affiliate marketing, selling products and services, or through advertising.

A micro niche blog is more likely to be profitable than a broad niche blog because it is easier to target products and services to a specific audience.

There are a few key things that you can do to make your micro niche site more profitable.

The first is to focus on creating high-quality content. Your readers should be able to rely on your blog for accurate, up-to-date information that is relevant to their specific interests.

It’s also important to build a strong relationship with your readers. This can be done by responding to comments and offering helpful advice and resources.

Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment with different monetisation methods to see what works best for your blog and your audience.

How to find keywords for a micro niche blog

One of the most important things you can do when starting a much focused micro niche blog is ensure you’re choosing the right keywords that will help you to rank higher in search engines.

Your keywords should be relevant to your micro niche and reflect the blog topics that you want to write about.

Your keywords should also be popular enough that people are actually searching for them, but they shouldn’t be very competitive keywords. As a new blog it may be difficult to rank for highly competitive keywords.

To find the right keywords for your blog, start by brainstorming a list of words and phrases that are relevant to your niche and write down a list of blog post ideas.

Then, use a keyword research tool like Keysearch to find out how many people are searching for each keyword, and what the competition is like.

The great thing about Keysearch is that while carrying out keyword research, it gives you alternative keywords that may have lower competition if the one you choose is too broad.

You can also evaluate your competitors within that micro niche and see what keywords they target. If they’re low competition, you can try to rank for them too!

Remember, your keywords should be relevant to your niche, popular enough that people are searching for them, but not so popular that there is a lot of competition.

101 micro niche blog ideas

Food Blog

Food blogging is an incredibly popular niche with a wide range of sub-niches to choose from. With various food allergies and health issues these days, many people are looking for information on what to eat and what to avoid, as well as tasty recipes.

Micro niche blog ideas for a food blog

1. Budget recipes for families

2. Gluten free baking

3. Vegan meal ideas

4. Plant-based diet recipes

5. Healthy lunch ideas for work

6. Quick and easy dinners for busy families

7. Health benefits of __

8. How to cook with a difficult ingredient

9. 10-minute meals

10. One pot recipes

Travel Blog

Micro niche blog ideas: Travel accessories

Everyone loves reading a travel blog. Whether it’s to keep the wanderlust alive or to get ideas for their next adventure, travel blogs are always popular. There are many micro niches within the travel niche which you can focus on to make your blog more unique.

Micro niche ideas for a travel blog

11. Luxury travel on a budget

12. Solo female travel

13. Travel with kids

14. Slow travel

15. Adventure travel

16. Round the world trips

17. Working holidays

18. Voluntourism

19. Long term travel

20. Foodie travel

Parenting Blog

Anyone who has kids will tell you they’ve scoured the internet at one point or another searching for advice on parenting. Parents are always looking for help from other parents who have been there and done that. This niche is always in demand so it’s a great one to get into.

Micro niche ideas for a parenting blog

21. Parenting with special needs kids

22. Single parenting

23. Adoptive parenting

24. Large families

25. Potty training

26. Dealing with toddler tantrums

27. Parenting twins

38. Sleep training

29. Working and parenting

30. Homeschooling

DIY Blog

Micro niche blog ideas: DIY plan and paintbrushes

There are always people searching for ways to save more money by doing things themselves. Whether it’s fixing something around the house or creating a piece of furniture, people want to know how to do it themselves. This is where a DIY blog comes in to help. DIY blogs also have a great opportunity for promoting affiliate products.

Micro niche ideas for a DIY blog

31. Home improvement on a budget

32. Quick and easy DIY projects

33. Thrifty decorating ideas

34. How to upcycle old furniture

35. Small space living hacks

36. Painting inspiration

37. Curb appeal on a budget

38. Renters’ tips and tricks

39. Garden projects on a budget

40. Woodworking for beginners

Fitness Blog

Fitness is always a popular topic as people are always looking for ways to get in shape and improve their health or take up a new challenge. If you’re a fitness fanatic, one of these micro niches may be the perfect niche for you.

Micro niche ideas for a fitness blog

41. At home workouts

42. Workouts for busy moms

43. 30-minute workouts

44. HIIT workouts

45. Pre and postnatal workouts

46. Strength training for beginners

47. Yoga for beginners

48. Weight loss fitness

49. Running for beginners

50. Bikepacking routes in [country]

Beauty Blog

Micro niche blog ideas: makeup

There are many people searching for beauty tips and advice online. And it’s a super profitable blog topic! Whether you’re talking about skincare, makeup, hair care, or anything else related to beauty, there’s always someone searching for information on it.

Micro niche ideas for a beauty blog

51. Natural beauty tips

52. Beauty on a budget

53. Drugstore beauty dupes

54. Eco-friendly beauty products

55. Green beauty routines

56. Cruelty-free makeup

57. Making your own beauty products

58. Travel-friendly beauty routines

59. Quick and easy makeup looks

60. No makeup makeup looks

Personal Finance Blog

Personal finance is a very popular topic as people are always looking for ways to save money or get out of debt. There are many micro niches within this niche, and it’s an easy blog topic to profit from.

Micro niche ideas for a personal finance blog

61. Saving money on a tight budget

62. Getting out of debt

63. Investing for beginners

64. Saving for retirement

65. Building credit

66. Best credit cards for rewards

67. Frugal living tips

68. Financial planning for millennials

69. FIRE (Financial Independence/Retire Early) movement

70. Budgeting for beginners

Book Blog

Micro niche blog ideas: books

If you love to read, why not start a book blog? This is a great niche for book lovers as you can share your passion with others and make money doing it.

Micro niche ideas for a book blog

71. Book reviews

72. Young adult books

73. Reading lists

74. Classic reads

75. Author interviews

76. Murder mystery reads

77. Cover reveals

78. LGBTQ reads

79. Reading challenges

80. Book clubs

Personal Development Blog

These days we are all recognising that we need to work on our personal development and become the best versions of ourselves. This is a great blog topic to get into as there are many micro niches within the personal development niche.

Micro niche ideas for a personal development blog

81. Goal setting

82. Time management

83. Stress management

84. Habit formation

85. Mindfulness

86. Journaling

87. Building self-confidence

88. Productivity

89. Decision making

90. Creativity

Fashion Blog

Micro niche blog ideas: fashion

If you love fashion, this is the perfect niche for you! With fashion, there are always new trends to talk about, and people are always looking for fashion inspiration. If you choose a fashion micro niche blog, you’ll also have the opportunity to promote affiliate products on it.

Micro niche ideas for a fashion blog

91. Plus size fashion

92. Sustainable fashion

93. Men’s fashion

94. Slow fashion

95. Seasonal fashion

96. Capsule wardrobes

97. How to style __

98. Travel fashion

99. Vintage fashion

100. Affordable fashion finds

101. Europe fashion trends


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Conclusion: Best Micro Niche Blog Ideas

If you’re looking for a profitable blogging niche, consider one of these 101 micro niche blog ideas. Each of these niches has the potential to be profitable, and they are all perfect for passionate bloggers who want to share their knowledge with the world.

I hope this list has inspired you to start your own blog and that you take advantage of all the great opportunities out there waiting for you in the world of blogging.

What’s your favorite micro niche?

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