30 Best Canva Font Pairings: All You Need to Create an Instant Impact on Your Designs

Font pairings are the ultimate way to make sure your designs stands out from the crowd. They can influence how effectively your message is communicated and make all the difference when it comes to reader engagement.

With so many unique fonts to choose from – from cursive fonts to bold serif fonts – finding the perfect pair can take a lot of trial and error, especially when you’re just starting out.

There is an art to mix and match complimentary fonts that convey the right tone while staying legible and ensuring good readability.

Thankfully, Canva offers some great font pairs that go together, and in this article, we’ll take a look at 30 of the best Canva font pairings to help your designs shine!

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Table Of Contents
  1. What is Canva
  2. What are the different types of fonts
  3. Free Canva or Canva Pro
  4. The art of font pairing with Canva
  5. 30 best Canva font pairings
  6. The Best Canva Font Pairings: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Canva

Canva is a design tool featuring templates, drag and drop layouts, text tools, and more. It’s an easy-to-use platform with a library of professional graphic fonts that can help you create beautiful designs in no time.

Many businesses, marketers, bloggers and entrepreneurs use Canva to create striking visuals quickly and easily. By following the Canva design principles, you can make sure your designs look professional, stand out from the crowd, and get noticed.

Some of the visuals you can create with Canva are:

  • Pin designs
  • Event invitations
  • Fashion catalogue covers
  • Blog post images
  • Instagram posts
  • Marketing pieces
  • Branding projects

Canva is an excellent choice for bloggers who don’t necessarily have a graphic design background, because it provides you with dozens of ready to edit templates.

What are the different types of fonts

Serif & Sans Serif fonts for professional designs

When it comes to professional designs like resumes, reports, or business cards, it’s important to pick subdued and sophisticated typefaces. I recommend pairing serif fonts with sans serif ones for these designs. This combination gives a formal yet modern feel without being too loud or distracting.

Script & Sans Serif fonts for creative design projects

For creative projects like posters or invitations, you need more playful typefaces to capture attention and set the right mood. I suggest pairing script fonts with sans serif ones, which work well together because they both have clean lines that are easy to read when mixed at various size levels. By using contrasting styles like these you can be sure your design will stand out from the crowd.

Display typefaces for impactful logo design

When creating logos for brands or services you want fonts that have visual impact and communicates your brand message clearly. Display typefaces are perfect for these situations! Stylish yet subtle choices make for an elegant look that will wow potential customers or clients before they even read any words.

Modern bold fonts for eye-catching headlines

Finally, modern bold fonts should be at hand when creating headlines or titles because their strong presence draws readers in quickly. Selecting two distinctive options which contrast each other at various sizes is ideal, making them more readable than if they were both bold but similar styles per se.

Free Canva or Canva Pro

When it comes to fonts, Canva Pro offers a few more options compared to the basic service.

Maybe you’re looking for something with a little more zazz. Or perhaps you need some extra choice when it comes to the perfect font for your project.

In either case, investing in Canva Pro may just be the way to go if you want to get the best out of Canva’s font library.

But don’t stress — there are plenty of free Canva fonts that come standard even with the basic service. So whether you upgrade or not, you can still create great designs.

Try Canva Pro for 30 days for free.

The art of font pairing with Canva

As already mentioned, choosing the right font pairing with Canva is an art.

Font pairings are the ultimate way to make sure your designs stand out from the crowd. With just the right combination of fonts, you can create a stunning design that really captures people’s attention.

The challenge is finding the perfect pair that conveys the right tone and stays legible, ensuring good readability.

Before you jump in, you need to make sure that your pairings are:

  • Legible: Fonts should be easy to read, no matter the size.
  • Contrasting: A good pair will have a contrast between them.
  • Complementing: Font combinations should complement each other, not conflict.

30 best Canva font pairings

Are you looking for inspiration to take your designs to the next level? You’ve come to the right place! Font pairing can be an intimidating task, but with this list of 30 Canva font pairings, you’re sure to make an impact in your designs quickly and easily.

1. Muli Regular & Kaushan Script

Muli Regular & Kaushan Script Font

This creative combination offers a beautiful aesthetic with fun flair. Both fonts contain enough personality to add a modern edge, while still possessing an elegant, clean, timeless feel, but the difference in texture makes them work together beautifully.

2. Quicksand Light & Source Sans Pro

Quicksand Light and Source Sans Pro Font

This subtle yet bold combination brings an air of sleek sophistication that is perfect to capture any audience’s attention. The mix makes it easy to showcase your creativity without  overwhelming the reader.

3. Roboto and Pacifico

This sweet duo provides a perfect balance between youthful energy and classic charm. The script font adds a touch of personality, while the slab font ensures readability and legibility is not sacrificed in the process.

4. Oswald & Open Sans Condensed

Oswald & Open Sans Condensed font

This pairing is professional, yet warm and inviting due to the high contrast between the two. The bold sans serif font stands out without overpowering its lighter counterpart, and together they create a design that’s memorable and eye-catching.

5. Grand Hotel & Abril Fatface

Grand Hotel & Abril Fatface font

Grand Hotel is a playful script typeface which brings life to an otherwise plain design. Combined with Abril Fatface (don’t let the name put you off!), a slab serif typeface, these two fonts bring elegance and grace without being too serious.

6. Amatic SC & Playfair Display

Amatic SC & Playfair Display font

Amatic SC is a script with an inherent organic, hand-crafted feel that adds a touch of humanity to any design. Combined with Playfair Display, this pair provides a much needed classic and timeless element to the design. This combination is perfect for conveying messages that require both warmth and strength.

7. Montserrat & Pacifico

Montserrat & Pacifico font

Montserrat is clean and classy while Pacifico gives off a beachy vibe; together they create the perfect combination of modernity meets nostalgia. This pair is perfect for designs that require an airy feel.

8. Brittany & Cormorant Garamond

Brittany & Cormorant Garamond font

Brittany is a handwritten font which has all kinds of swashes and italics while Cormorant Garamond keeps things grounded with its no-nonsense style, balance and readability –these two styles together strike an interesting visual dynamic .

9. Dream Avenue & Duru Sans

Dream Avenue & Duru Sans font

Dream Avenue and Duru Sans are a modern and contemporary pair that complement each other well. When paired together, these fonts create a nice stylish contrast, with the Dream Avenue adding a touch of elegance and personality to the design, while Duru provides a stable and functional base.

10. Josefin Sans & Yesteryear

Josefin Sans & Yesteryear font

This duo creates a beautiful contrast between old and new, evoking a feeling of nostalgia with its classic style. The bold sans-serif font is lighthearted and modern while the fun script font provides an elegant and timeless touch.

11. Aileron Thin and Helveticish

Aileron Thin and Helveticish font

This unusual pairing is sure to get the attention of your audience by making somewhat of a statement. Aileron Thin is a smooth and delicate sans-serif font that looks modern and simple. As for Helveticish, it’s a unique take on classic Swiss typography. With neat geometric slabs, this typeface oozes character from every angle.

12. Mont Thin & The Something Script

Mont Thin & The Something Script font

This whimsical pair strikes the perfect balance between classic and modern. Mont Thin is an ageless serif font that brings a subtle sophistication to any project, while The Something Script adds an extra touch of playful script with warmth and its unique style.

13. Black Mango & Dancing Script

Black Mango & Dancing Script font

When paired with one another, these fonts form an uncomplicated, yet charming ensemble made complete with the unique combination of dancing curves of the latter and uprightness of the former. It’s the perfect balance between alluring beauty and sturdy, reliable style. Neither font will overpower each other; in fact, you’ll get a harmonious blend that can fit in on any occasion.

14. Libre Baskerville & League Spartan

Libre Baskerville & League Spartan font

Combining the classic style of Libre Baskerville with the crisp modern look of League Spartan is a powerful combination. Together, they create the perfect blend of sophistication and elegance – while still presenting themselves in an approachable way.

15. Playlist Script & Playfair Display

Playlist Script & Playfair Display font

You can always rely on Playlist Script and Playfair Display to make a statement. This is a wonderful pairing, with Playlist Script adding an elegant touch, while the bolder Playfair Display balances it out. Easy to read yet eye-catching, this font duo creates a unique and distinguished look perfect for everyone.

16. Cinzel & Themysion

Cinzel & Themysion

When paired together, Cinzel and Themysion create a harmonious balance between tradition and modernity. The first, with its sturdy and robust appearance, provides a historical and elegant touch to the design, while the latter modern design brings a contemporary and streamlined feel.

17. Halimum & Hussar Ekologiczy

Halimum & Hussar Ekologiczy font

These amazing fonts work together like a classic odd couple: one is serious and studious looking with its sharp edges, while the other offers a light-hearted air and approachable style. The result is an aesthetically beautiful combination that will leave your design looking sleek yet sincere. 

18. Tenor Sans & Intro Pro Bold

Tenor Sans & Intro Pro Bold font

If you’re looking for an eye catching style that really stands out, then Tenor Sans and Intro Pro Bold is the perfect combination for you. This dynamic style duo creates a modern yet sophisticated feel, with the Tenor Sans providing a sleek and minimal look that’s balanced out by Intro Pro Bold’s strong lines.

19. Feeling Passionate & Gilda Display

Feeling Passionate & Gilda Display font

This Canva font pairing is sure to leave you feeling passionate about your designs. The Feeling Passionate font is a unique and modern take on classic script typefaces with its bouncy curves, while Gilda Display adds an unexpected twist with its sharp angles and bold lines. Together, they form an undeniably stylish pairing.

20. Source Serif Pro & Vast Shadow

Source Serif Pro & Vast Shadow font

This duo creates the perfect balance between modern and traditional. Source Serif Pro is a classic serif font that adds subtle sophistication to any design, while Vast Shadow gives it an edge with its stylish and unique look. Together they make for the perfect pairing and create an instantly recognisable and impactful look.

21. Ghisella & Montserrat Thin

Ghisella & Montserrat Thin font

An unlikely couple, this pair has a unique and eye-catching look. Ghisella is bold with a modern twist that provides an edgy feel, while Montserrat Thin adds a touch of elegance with its neat geometric lines. This combination creates a striking yet sophisticated blend that won’t go unnoticed.

22. Jonathan & Aileron Regular

Jonathan & Aileron Regular font

One of the best feminine font pairings, Jonathan and Aileron Regular make for a beautiful font pairing. Both fonts have a graceful, airy feel that will create an inviting atmosphere for your designs. Add in the delicate curves of Jonathan and the minimalist lines of Aileron Regular, and you get an irresistible blend of femininity and modernity.

23. Rumble Brave and GPS Didot

Rumble Brave and GPS Didot font

This vintage-inspired design mixed with a strong Serif font provides a great balance of subtlety and elegance. Rumble Brave offers a unique look with its rough texture, while GPS Didot brings a more refined feel with its delicate lines and curves. Together, this duo creates a timeless design that will never go out of style.

24. Rugrats Sans & Alex Brush

Rugrats Sans & Alex Brush font

Rugrats Sans, with its bold and chunky lettering, adds a fun and playful touch to the design, while the elegant cursive script of the Alex Brush font brings a touch of sophistication. Together, these two fonts balance each other out and create a harmonious design.

25. Lovelyn & Vintage Goods

Lovelyn & Vintage Goods font

Pairing Lovelyn with the Vintage Goods font creates a beautiful and charming design aesthetic. Lovelyn, a bold Serif, with its delicate and graceful script letters, adds a touch of romance and elegance to the design, while the rough and weathered look of the Vintage Goods font brings a touch of nostalgia and vintage charm.

26. Cooper Hewitt & Lato Bold

Cooper Hewitt & Lato Bold font

Pairing Cooper Hewitt with Lato Bold creates a clean and modern design aesthetic. The geometric sans-serif design of Cooper Hewitt adds some sophistication and simplicity to the design, while the bold lettering of Lato Bold adds visual interest and emphasis.

27. Abiah Light & Eyesome Script

Abiah Light & Eyesome Script font

The combination of Abiah Light and Eyesome Script creates another unique pairing known for it’s stylish, contemporary look. They pair well with each other, combining the classy calligraphy feel of Eyesome Script with the sleek sophistication of minimalistic Abiah Light – an aesthetic that will elevate any text-based design and give an air of modern elegance.

28. Brusher & Libre Franklin Medium

Brusher & Libre Franklin Medium font

An ideal combination and one of my favorite font pairings has to be Brusher and Libre Franklin Medium. The contrast between these two fonts: one perfectly exudes boldness and movement while the other adds a nice richness and seriousness that boldly complements the former. A dynamic duo, they shine when brought together.

29. Grimpt Script & Trocchi

Grimpt Script & Trocchi font

A classic example of a good combination is Grimpt Script and Trocchi; Grimpt has a more traditional, script style feel and Trocchi’s minimalism pairs perfectly to lend contrast and balance. Both fonts are timeless and will make your designs look modern yet classic.

30. Holiday & Heebo Regular

Holiday & Heebo Regular font

Holiday and Heebo Regular are a festive blend of fun and freshness. Together, they bring the best of both worlds – treating font lovers to the structured fullness of Heebo Regular’s rounded curves, as well as the lively exuberance of Holiday’s bouncy letterforms. 

The Best Canva Font Pairings: Frequently Asked Questions

How to get more fonts on Canva?

Canva offers a wide selection of fonts, but if you would like to use additional fonts in your designs, you can upload custom fonts from other sources. To do so, go to the ‘Brand’ tab in Canva and select ‘Add New’ next to ‘Brand Fonts’.

What are the most popular fonts on Canva?

Easy to read fonts such as Helvetica, Lato, and Roboto are some of the most popular fonts on Canva.

How do I choose a font pairing?

Choosing the right font pairing is essential for creating a successful design. When selecting font pairings, consider the style and message of your design, as well as which fonts complement each other in terms of letter shape and size. Also be sure to choose fonts that are easy to read.

Do you have to have Canva Pro to use the best Canva font pairings?

In order to use the best font pairings from the Canva library, you should have a Canva Pro Account. With Canva Pro, you can access thousands of fonts and edit them to your liking. You can also upload your own custom fonts if you prefer. Additionally, with Canva Pro you get access to exclusive design elements. However, you can still use some of the above font pairings with the free Canva account.

Are there any bad fonts?

While there are no ‘bad fonts’ necessarily, there are fonts which should be avoided if you want your design to be effective. For example, some script fonts may be difficult to read, or certain decorative fonts are too flashy and don’t accurately portray the message of the design. It’s important to find a font pairing which is both aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-read.

What sets Canva Pro apart from free Canva?

Canva Pro gives users access to a library of thousands of fonts, as well as exclusive design elements and features. Additionally, with Canva Pro you can upload your own custom fonts and use them in your designs. With the free version of Canva, you are limited to the font selection available in their library.

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