70 Best Boss Lady Quotes for Empowering Girl Bosses

I know what you’re thinking. Why do we (that is, kick ass boss women) need a bunch of quotes to remind us of our awesomeness?

Well, besides the fact that nothing is more powerful than words, these boss lady quotes are an excellent way to recharge your ambition batteries!

From Beyoncé to Oprah Winfrey and Sheryl Sandberg to Coco Chanel and everyone in between, reading through these boss women quotes will make you feel nothing but unstoppable.

Given the checkered history of women in business, it’s inspiring to see how far we’ve come and how much more there is to do.

Use these boss babe quotes as a reminder that you are capable of achieving your wildest dreams, no matter what anyone says.

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So, how can we find inspiration in boss quotes for women

These girl boss quotes come from incredibly strong women who rose to the top of their fields in the face of adversity. They remind us that, no matter what we’re facing, we can make it through and create something amazing with a bit of hard work and dedication.

There’s no better way to get fired up than reading through these empowering quotes from some of the most influential women in business today.

As a business owner, the best way I’ve found to motivate myself has been to learn from other women entrepreneurs.

So go ahead, take charge and get ready to conquer the world with these boss lady quotes!

You’ve got this!

70 Best Boss Lady Quotes

1. “Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness.” – Oprah Winfrey

2. “The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.” – Ayn Rand

3. “I know the power that a young girl carries in her heart when she has a vision and a mission.” – Malala Yousafzai

4. “Instead of letting your hardships and failures discourage or exhaust you, let them inspire you. Let them make you even hungrier to succeed.” – Michelle Obama

5. “Remember that your time is your most valuable asset, so think about if what you’re doing is really what you want to spend your time on, think about if it’s getting you to a place that you want to go in the long run. If it’s not, go do something else.” – Shan-Lyn Ma

6. “You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make ‘money’ your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you.” – Maya Angelou

7. “Power’s not given to you. You have to take it.” – Beyoncé

8. “You need to have unbound enthusiasm for what you’re building. Energy is contagious, so your team and everyone you interact with feels it.” – Tyler Haney

9. “You must understand: they fear you. There is nothing scarier in their minds than a girl who knows the power of her flames.” – Nikita Gill

Some leaders quote

10. “Some leaders are born women.” – Geraldine Ferraro

11. “You have to be okay with being better than everyone else.” – Shonda Rhimes

12. “The key to success is to start before you are ready.” – Marie Forleo

13. “Some women choose to follow men, and some women choose to follow their dreams.” – Lady Gaga

14. “A wise girl knows her limits, a smart girl knows she has none.” – Marilyn Monroe

15. “I want to show little girls that the possibilities are endless. That’s my goal – to not only do it for myself, but to show them I can do whatever I put my mind to.” – Nicki Minaj

16. “If you want to be successful in this world, you have to follow your passion, not a paycheck.” – Jen Welter

17. “A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong it is until it’s in hot water.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

18. “Women helping each other – coaching, mentoring, and providing tips – is a great way for us to be our own force.” – Indra Nooyi

19. “Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person. Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.” – Mother Teresa

Take criticism seriously quote

20. “Take criticism seriously but not personally. If there is truth or merit in the criticism, try to learn from it. Otherwise, let it roll right off you.” – Hillary Clinton

21. “One of the best pieces of advice I ever received from my parents is to think of negativity as noise. Believe in yourself and what you’re doing. Remember: If the most unique ideas were obvious to everyone, there wouldn’t be entrepreneurs. The one thing that every entrepreneurial journey has in common is that there are many, many steps on the road to success.” – Tory Burch

22. “The success of every woman should be an inspiration to the rest.” – Serena Williams

23. “I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.” – Estée Lauder

24. “We need to accept that we don’t always make the right decisions, that we’ll screw up royally sometimes. Understand that failure is not the opposite of success, it’s part of success.” – Arianna Huffington

25. “A woman with vision is unstoppable, a woman who is always increasing her skills multiplies. Along with passion this woman is undeniable.” – Janna Cachola

26. “Without an open-minded mind, you can never be a great success.” – Martha Stewart

27. “Failure is not attached to outcome, but in not trying. This way, it is about answering to yourself.” – Sarah Blakely

28. “Even if your dream seems unattainable, you can achieve it if you stay focused, driven, and diligent.” – Rebecca Minkoff

29. “If you don’t risk anything, you risk even more.” – Erica Jong

Done is better than perfect quote

30. “Done is better than perfect.” – Sheryl Sandberg

31. “Well-behaved women rarely make history.” – Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

32. “Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.” – Oprah Winfrey

33. “You’re not the same person all the time. You change as well and you’re growing.” – Malala Yousafzai

34. “Success isn’t about how much money you make. It’s about the difference you make in people’s lives.” – Michelle Obama

35. “A true diva is graceful, and talented, and strong, and fearless and brave and someone with humility.” – Beyoncé

36. “The most difficult thing is the decision to act. The rest is merely tenacity.” – Amelia Earhart

37. “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” – Anaïs Nin

38. “A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult.”- Melinda Gates

39. “You have what it takes to be a victorious, independent, fearless woman.”- Tyra Banks

I attribute my success quote

40. “I attribute my success to this – I never gave or took any excuse.” – Florence Nightingale

41. “Because remember, the talking about the thing isn’t the thing. The doing of the thing is the thing.” – Amy Poehler

42. “Disciplining yourself to do what you know is right and important, although difficult, is the high road to pride, self-esteem, and personal satisfaction.” – Margaret Thatcher

43. “It just means that your talents lie elsewhere, so take the opportunity to seek out what you are good at, and find a place where you can flourish. Once you do, you’re going to kill it.” – Sophia Amoruso

44. “Your innate power is immense. Your potential is limitless. You are unique, valuable, capable, and worthy of the dreams in your heart. Most of all, you have what it takes to transform and transcend whatever challenges you face.” – Marie Forleo

45. “People respond well to those that are sure of what they want. What people hate most is indecision. Even if I’m completely unsure, I’ll pretend I know exactly what I’m talking about and make a decision.” – Anna Wintour

46. “Don’t call me lucky. Call me a badass.” – Shonda Rhimes

47. “We need women at all levels, including the top, to change the dynamic, reshape the conversation, to make sure women’s voices are heard and heeded, not overlooked and ignored.” – Sheryl Sandberg

48. “A girl should be two things – who and what she wants.” – Coco Chanel

49. “Be creative, not perfect. I’d rather an entry-level employee suggest a disruptive idea…than try and be organized in a boring spreadsheet.” – Whitney Wolfe

If your actions create a legacy quote

50. “If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then, you are an excellent leader.” – Dolly Parton

51. “If you’re too comfortable, it’s time to move on. Terrified of what’s next? You’re on the right track.” – Susan Fales Hill

52. “Be the kind of woman that makes other women want to up their game.” – Unknown

53. “When I thought I couldn`t go on, I forced myself to keep going. My success is based on persistence, not luck.” – Estee Lauder

54. “You’re not in competition with other women. You’re in competition with everyone.” – Tina Fey

55. “Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.” – J.K. Rowling

56. “Leadership is a series of behaviors rather than a role for heroes.” – Margaret Wheatley

57. “A woman’s best protection is money of her own.” – Clare Boothe Luce

58. “The only way to support a revolution is to make your own.” – Sophia Amoruso

59. “Stay on your game and keep going for your dreams. The World needs that special gift that only you have.” – Marie Forleo

If people are doubting quote

60. “If people are doubting how far you can go, go so far that you can’t hear them anymore.” – Michele Ruiz

61. “If you have no tolerance for failure, you will not create anything new.” Brené Brown

62. “Financial independence is about more than dollars in the bank…it’s about you living your best life now and replacing the ‘have to dos’ with the ‘get to dos.” – Naseema McElroy

63. “My life didn’t please me, so I created my life.” – Coco Chanel

64. “Know that there is no finish line; fortune favors action. Race balls-out toward the extraordinary life that you’ve always dreamed of, or still haven’t had time to dream up. And prepare to have a hell of a lot of fun along the way.” – Sophia Amoruso

65. “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” – Alice Walker

66. “A successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at her.” – Unknown

67. “Fearlessness is like a muscle: I know from my own life that the more I exercise it, the more natural it becomes to not let my fears run me.” – Arianna Huffington

68. “If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one.” – Dolly Parton

69. “Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know. That can be your greatest strength and ensure that you do things differently from everyone else.” – Sara Blakely

70. “You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right.” – Rosa Parks


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